Welcome to Magizhnilam family!!!

Magizhnilam, an authentic organic store,  delivering chemical-free, toxic-free, natural and organic products for past 2 years. We procure and sell the natural & organic products from trusted, socially responsible farmers and homepreneurs. We connect with more than 40 farmers and homepreneurs and procure from them directly.

We take pride in having been ‘Wellness Destination’ for past two years by bringing to you only non-toxic, organic products.

You know, we have more than 750+ customers around Velachery and they know their farmers and who is producing their food. What about you?

Why Magizhnilam:
You cannot be assured that the food you consume is unadulterated until and unless you get to know its manufacturers. With that in mind, we work based on the following principles:

  • To encourage organic farmers with social responsibility by procuring goods from them.
  • To thoroughly investigate a manufacturer’s background, their manufacturing techniques, their end-to-end process from ploughing to sales before procuring goods from them. We do not sell any other branded products just because they are labeled ‘organic’.
  • To sell only seasonal goods. We believe that nature knows the best and we want to flow along with it by not running behind off-seasonal products.
  • To ensure that the base price of all our products is decided directly by the manufacturers.
  • To work for and represent organic farmers with social responsibility. We stay away from anyone associated with selling goods labeled ‘organic’ who indulge in the business with only a profit-making motive.

Are you still hesitate to try our products? Here, we come with free samples. Please try once and provide your feedback!!!

  1. Cold pressed Oils sample (Groundnut oil – 200ml, Coconut oil – 200ml)

  2. Masala powders sample ( Turmeric – 100g, Sambar powder – 100g, mudakatthan dhal rice mix – 100g,  Nattusakkarai – 100g)

Farmers Info:

Arun from Namakkal is supplying groundnut oil and coconut oil. Groundnut and Coconuts are from his own farm and the oils are extracted from wood pressed (chekku) machine.

Turmeric powder is from Thirumurthy anna, Sathiyamangalam. Natural farmer & pioneer in organic farming.

Sambar powder is from Seeragam Team, Coimbatore. Home made in traditional way using organic ingredients.

Mudakatthan Dhal Mix is from Sudha & Kumar family, Coimbatore. Can be used as dhal mix, soup, mix with dosa batter, podi dosa etc.

We strongly believe, your  food is not a food unless you enquire, investigate, research and trust its authenticity. We must make a connect with the farmer/producer to get good food (It is called as just food by previous generation). Think about our grant parents, they had a good relationship with local suppliers, trusted them, been as a family and had good food. We want to replicate the same environment in our generation. We identify the natural/organic farmers, knowing their farming practices, building the relationship and bring their produces to our customers. Join with us, together we make healthy world.

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